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Google Drive is a cloud based storage service which offers gigabytes of online storage for free. In addition to this it contains within it word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet application, which can not only be used for a variety of education related activities, but also allow effortless file sharing, and multi-party editing of files and folders.

Google Classroom is an online resource made for teachers to easily interact with students. It's simple design allows teachers of nearly any level of technological ability to post resources, course information and assignments for students to access from their phones, tablets, or computer.

Desmos is a free online graphing calculator that is much easier to use and offers far more functionality that traditional graphing calculators. Since it is also an app, Desmos is consistently used in math classes to explain concepts, check over work and answer questions.

Mathway is an online calculator with an astoundingly large variety of functions. It is extremely useful in about any math class as it can be used to solve complex equations and problems, and often also gives step by step solutions for the answers.

Spark Notes is a website that offers in-depth summaries and analyses of texts that are commonly studied in English classes. Spark Notes can be crucial when reviewing for a test on a book that you may have finished a while ago, or when writing an assignment about a story whose meaning you don't quite understand.