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Flipped Classroom Placement

This project has definitely been one of the most unique that I’ve been assigned in school and it’s also been one of the most enjoyable. Over the course of a few months Max and I were tasked with filming Mr. Rupke’s accounting class three times and uploading those lessons to the internet. The videos were to be made available on Mr. Rupke’s website and the aim of the project was to allow his students to rewatch his lessons at home in order to grasp a better understanding of the subject, figure out homework or to use to study. Max and I figured out the process and completed this experiment in the “Flipped Classroom” method of teaching, and taught Mr. Rupke how to do it in case he wants to try it again in the future.
The placement from the start had it’s ups, downs and perfectly straights, but the entire process was interesting and at the end the project felt complete. I really enjoy playing and often fighting with technology which worked out well because throughout our placement there we…